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"It is time to respect parents’ role and to provide them with the information and advice that allows them to truly make a difference."  Dr. Patricia Porter

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Certified learning ​ coaches

Our Learning  Coaches are specially trained to provide you with information and advice that can help you make a difference in your child's learning life. 

the porter process

Using this research based five step process your Learning Coach will guide you through simple strategies that help your child reach his or her full learning potential. 

Individual Support

Every child is unique. Our  Learning Assessments help you understand your child's specific learning needs. Your Learning Stages Coach shows you how to use your child's learning strengths to meet those needs and overcome learning hurdles.

Lifelong learning

When your child has developed the skills that lead to learning he or she can learn anything, anytime - give your child the gift that lasts a lifetime. 

We assess a children’s learning and provide proven, practical strategies parents can use to unlock their potential.


 Dr. Patricia Porter 

 Educator, Author and Speaker 


Why do some children learn more easily than others? That was my BIG question.

After years of teaching, specialized training and personal research I found the answer.

Parents make the difference! Stop guessing what your child needs, start discovering strategies that lead to success.

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